Dr Audun Myskja

Drug rehabilitation with Bach remedies

Worked in general practice and internal medicine 1982-1998 - integrated medicine, educated in complementary therapies from 1974, practice with, healing, herbs and flower essences from 1976.

Certified specialist general medicine 1992, renewed 1997, 2002.

Hospice director/palliative care 1998-2000.

Project leader, geriatrics and rehabilitation, 2000-5.

Leader of Senter for livshjelp (LifeAid Centre for empowerment) in Ski in Norway from 1999. Private practice, workshops in medical self-care and healing techniques, extensive national and international activity, with lectures and workshops on sound and music in medicine, self-care and self-development for patients and health workers, and flower essence work.

Music in medicine:-

  • Educated in therapeutic voicework in psychotherapeutic framework 1976-78, continued education 1978-98 in USA and Denmark. Private practice and regular workshops 1988-2005.

  • Educated in Tomatis method, certified consultant 1999, started first Norwegian Tomatis centre.

  • Educated in Neurologic music therapy, Colorado State University 2001-5. Certified Fellow in NMT 02-02-2004 by Professor Michael Thaut.

Project leader, the following projects, music in medicine:-

  • Individualized music in geriatrics, Ullevål university hospital 2000-2.

  • Music in late stages of life, Church city mission, Oslo, 2002-5.

  • Finding rhythm, Norwegian Parkinson Union, 2003-6.

  • Music in palliative care, Red Cross Norway/Bergen Red Cross Nursing Home 2004-7.

Consultant to the following projects, music in medicine:-

  • Music as sensory stimulation in gerontopsychiatry 2004-6, Health and rehabilitation project.

  • Music in dementia, Vestfold region 2004-6.

  • Memories for life, Oslo municipality 2005-7.

Teaching, music in medicine:-

  • Medical studies, Oslo.

  • Specialty in general Medicine, Norwegian Medical Association.

  • University hospitals, all regions.

  • Regional universities, all regions.

  • Chair, Lovisenberg teaching hospital.

  • Music therapy studies in Oslo and Sandane.

Books, music in medicine:-

  • Den musiske medisin (Musical medicine; Oslo: Cappelen 1999/2004; transl Danish, Russian)

  • Individualized music in geriatrics (norw Edition. Oslo: GERIA Veiviser, Ullevål University Hospital 2002)

  • Metodebok (Method in individualized music for health care workers. Oslo: Unikum forlag 2005)

  • Den siste song (The last song; commissioned curriculum book in music in medicine for health care workers, Bergen: Fagbokforlaget 2005)

Publications, music in medicine:-

  • Scientific articles in Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association: 2000, 2000, 2004, 2005 (www.tidsskriftet.no search Myskja, A)

  • More than 30 other scientific articles in the field of medicine.

  • Awarded the Quality Prize of the Norwegian Medical Association 2002 for method development of music in nursing homes. Awarded several scholarships for music in medicine.

Music issues (CDs, DVDs)
Ut av egget Aion 1993
Lyden av lys (with Anders Rogg) KKV 2002
Aum (with Aum) Stable Records 2003
Symphony of bowles (with Leif Johansen) Stable Records 2003
Kon-tiki (with Aum) Aum Records 2004
Videre (with Anders Rogg) KKV 2005
Videre music relaxation KKV 2006
MusiCure music relaxation (with Niels Eje) Gefion Records 2006
å finne rytmen (Finding rhythm, instructionDVD) Norwegian Parkinson Union 2006

Flower essences

Educated 1974-78, later practiced Bach flower essences with over 3000 patients, systematic follow up on over 200 cases with duration of several years. Teacher of Bach flower essences since 1988, educated over 100 practitioners; taught at several natural therapy colleges 1988-2006. Practiced Bush flower essences, Flower essence society remedies and self-produced Norwegian essences as supplement to Bach essences since early eighties.

Books on flower essences

  • Blomstermedisin til vekst og helbredelse (Flower essences for growth and healing) Oslo: Noras Ark 2000.

  • Blomstermedisiner fra hele verden. (Flower essences worldwide) Oslo: Noras Ark 2003.

  • Chapter on flower essences in Helsehåndboken (overview of complementary therapies).

Articles on flower essences

  • Feature article in Calix, 1st issue of international journal for research on flower essences, 2005.

  • Several general information articles on flower essence therapy in phenomenological framework.

  • Several articles on flower essences in health magazines, including successful case stories.



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